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Roads and Transportation

Speed limit

The speed limit for many of the residential roads in the community is 40 km/h. Larger roads (such as Findlay Creek Drive) are 50 km/h.

Road projects in or around the community

  • Two community road projects planned based on the City of Ottawa’s current Transportation Master Plan, developed in 2013.

Phase 2 2020-2025: Bank Street widening from two to four lanes from south of Leitrim Road to Findlay Creek Drive (2.4 km) to provide capacity for growth in Leitrim

Bank Street widening from two to four lanes from Findlay Creek Drive to Parkway Road (5.2 km) to provide capacity for growth in Riverside South, Leitrim and Greely areas

  • Earl Armstrong Road will eventually be widened to 4 lanes and connect with the 417.
  • The long term plan is that Kelly Farm Drive will connect with Leitrim Road.

Public transportation

Findlay creek has one local bus route, #144.

OC Transpo map for route #144

The Leitrim park and ride is nearby. Route 99 stops there but must be requested.

Leitrim Park and Ride

Leitrim Park and Ride


The 20-year vision for cycling facilities throughout the city is contained in the Cycling Plan.

For Findlay Creek, the Plan includes bike lanes and paved shoulders along Bank Street and a off-road path parallel to Conroy Road. Originally, Albion Road was not identified as a cycling route. The FCCA lobbied against this issue; it is now planned that Albion Road will receive paved shoulders in the future.

The FCCA will continue to lobby the city to provide include cycling facilities in and around Findlay Creek.

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