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New parks are maintained by the contractors until the City of Ottawa takes it over, which happens after all deficiencies have been corrected.


Every year, the FCCA applies to have rinks available for the community. Rinks are installed by the City of Ottawa and maintained by volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.


Findlay Creek Community Park Map

Findlay Creek Community Park Map” title=”Findlay Creek Community Park Map

Findlay Creek Park
Findlay Creek Dragon Fly Park
Findlay Creek Tiger Lily Park
Findlay Creek Butterfly Park
Findlay Creek Turtle Park


The Osgoode Link Pathway is an off-road, smooth stonedust pathway from that links Leitrim Road to Osgoode, a distance of 22 kms.


Osgoode Link Pathway

Osgoode Link Pathway

Parking is available at a small lot off Leitrim Road, just west of the Park & Ride lot. You can also access the pathway from the Park & Ride Lot itself.


The trail used to be a rail line, which ran from Prescott at the St. Lawrence River north to Ottawa. The journey to Osgoode will take you about 90 minutes at a leisurely cycling pace. There is currently no direct pathway link from Findlay Creek to the Osgoode Pathway.


Trail Photo

Trail Photo

Cycling is possible along the new Findlay Creek extension and Albion Road, but this is not recommended for small children. The FCCA continues to lobby for improved cycling and pathway connections from our community.


The corridor north of Leitrim Road still exists and the city plans to extend the path north at some point. We’re looking forward to they day when we’ll be able to cycle along a pathway from Findlay Creek to downtown! In the meantime, the Osgoode Pathway is ready for you to enjoy.


The NCC also constructed a trail from west of Bank Street to the corner of Russell Road and Ramsayville Road, including a new signalized crossing at Bank Street. The trail is part of the NCC’s Greenbelt trail, which will eventually extend through the Greenbelt across the city. More information is available here.


The City also constructed a new paved pathway from the north end of Conroy Road (at Walkley) to Smyth. Findlay Creek residents who wish to cycle to the hospital complex or downtown can benefit from this new path.

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