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Tree Removal Albion to White Alder – Storm Water Pond 2

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leitrim community design13415685_10153484923661852_5810146632954712728_oTree Removal Albion to White Alder

Trees are being removed by the developer in order to create the Storm Water Management Pond, known as Pond 2. The Storm Water Pond area is designated by the light blue in the photo.

Pond 2 will include a walking nature trail and greenspace behind Diamond Jubilee Park. While we are waiting on the final detailed plan for the Pond, which will be released in early fall, you can obtain more information here - Leitrim Community Design 2005

The FCCA shows its support for South Nation Conservation’s Urban Water Action Project

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The FCCA has provided a letter to the South Nation Conservation in support of their Urban Water Action project application for the RBC Blue Water Project Leadership Grant. To read the letter, go to the Action and Advocacy page.


Clarification about the news of the land exchange between the NCC and the airport

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The FCCA recently asked Councillor Desroches:
‘Can you give any insight on the news from January 23 about a land exchange between the NCC and the airport. It sounds like the NCC has acquired the Leitrim wetland.’ Read More →

LOOKING FOR: New FCCA board member to oversee Greenspace portfolio

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Are you keen about green?
Are you interested in the Leitrim Wetlands?
Or maybe South Nation Conservation?
How about the parks in Findlay Creek?
Maybe the trees on City property?
Are you excited about the Boardwalk?

The FCCA is looking for someone to monitor and oversee what goes in the Greenspaces in and around Findlay Creek. Interested? E-mail president@FindlayCreek.ca.


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