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O-Train extension committee meeting presentation and notes now available

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O-Train logoBrad Nixon, FCCA Board member who oversees transportation issues around Findlay Creek, attended the Public Advisory Committee meeting held July 10. Here is the presentation, and the (draft) discussion notes, from the meeting. The next of three committee meetings will take place in the Fall. Should you have any comments, please send them to Brad at transportation@FindlayCreek.ca.

This Fall, OC Transpo service to Findlay Creek will see improvements to bus route 144

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OC Transpo · Between about 06:30 and 07:30, two trips that currently start from Bridlepath and Albion at 07:15 and 07:45 will be extended to start from Leitrim Station at about 06:47 and 07:17. This will increase Route 144 service in the peak hour from Findlay Creek from every 30 minutes to every 15 minutes.
· Between about 16:00 and 17:30, four trips that currently end at Queensdale and Conroy will be extended further south to Leitrim Station, increasing the service to Findlay Creek from every 30 minutes to every 15 minutes.

FCCA shows support for the proposed O-Train extension that includes two stops near Findlay Creek

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OtrainThe FCCA prepared a letter in support of the extension of the O-Train to Leitrim and Bowesville. We have posted a copy on our ‘Action and Advocacy‘ page. Our transportation representative presented it at the Transit Commission meeting on November 4. The Transportation Master Plan at was approved as proposed but the mayor indicated that the City will study a connection, as long as it does not compromise service to the south. This is satisfactory to the FCCA. Should you have concerns, please contact transportation@FindlayCreek.ca

Info to share in regards to bus shelters and public transit in and around Findlay Creek

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OCtranspologoOur transportation rep works closely with the City of Ottawa to improve public transit, pedestrian and vehicular traffic in/around Findlay Creek. He has this to report:
Shelter at Findlay Creek & Cedar Creek: installed
Shelter at Bank & Rotary: will be installed this fall
∙ Shelter at Findlay Creek & Kelly Farm: construction is planned here next spring, which will disrupt the boulevards where the permanent shelter will be. Upon completion, the permanent shelter will be installed. The temporary shelter will remain throughout the winter.
Shelter at Eastbound Findlay Creek, west of Bank (near the shopping centre):  the City reviewed all the bus stops in Findlay Creek for shelter warrants and found this one location that could benefit from a shelter for which we did not have any previous plans to install one. A request to install a shelter at this location will be considered in next year’s budget.
Extending Route 99 to Findlay Creek: the City does not recommend introducing more direct to downtown service from Findlay Creek by extending Route 99 into this community as it would duplicate the service already provided.  Findlay Creek residents have access to Route 144 that provides convenient connections to Route 99 service at the Leitrim park and ride and to Transitway service at Greenboro Station.  Based on the most recent ridership data, Route 144 service levels are currently meeting the ridership demand in this community. The City will continue to monitor the service and make adjustments as the needs of customers change.
Transportation Master Plan: there is a proposed extension of the O-Train to Leitrim and Bowesville in Riverside South. However, the airport is unhappy with the proposal and wants rail to be directed there instead. We will advocate for the former. There is a proposed bikeway extending from downtown to Findlay Creek along the Alta Vista Pathway and Conroy Road.

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