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Ottawa Public Library to consider Bookmobile stop in Findlay Creek

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The FCCA sent the following email to the Ottawa Public Library:
“A few residents have asked us about the possibility of having the Ottawa Public Library’s Bookmobile stop in Findlay Creek. Our community is one of the fastest growing in Ottawa, and currently includes approximately 2500 households, many with young families. Findlay Creek is an underserved area – we do not have a school (yet) and no community centre or gathering space. The only public facility nearby is the Fred Barrett Arena. We do however have a small shopping area that would most likely be willing to host the Bookmobile. The nearest library branches are Greely and Greenboro, and the nearest Bookmobile stop is quite far in Blossom Park. I would appreciate hearing back from you about the possibility of moving forward on this.
Eva Pigeon-Seguin
FCCA Co-president

We received the following answer:
Thank you for getting in touch to inquire about a Bookmobile stop at Findlay Creek. We are currently preparing a report reviewing the Bookmobile Service. The first phase of the report will be presented to the Library Board later this year, with another report forthcoming in the first half of 2015. We want to find the best days of the week and times of the day for the Bookmobile to visit each community it serves, as well as explore underserved communities. We go to over 20 neighbourhoods every week, and we want to make sure we are in the right places at the right times. While we working on this report, we have committed to maintaining our current regular schedule. We will add your request for Findlay to our report – we already have Findlay Creek on the community proposed stops but will make a note that this request has been renewed. In the meantime, the Bookmobile loves attending special events, and we would be happy to try to visit Findlay Creek for community days, BBQs, winter festivals, school events, or special happenings in the Arena or shopping mall. We would also be willing to arrange outreach to classes on a regular basis (several times a year). For any of these, please contact Robin Gallagher to request the Bookmobile and staff. Thank you for telling me how much you and your community appreciate library services. Happy reading!
Alexandra Yarrow B.A. Hon., M.L.I.S.
Manager, Alternative Services, Bibliothèque publique Ottawa

Ottawa Public Library’s Kids’ Lit Café taking place at library branch near Findlay Creek

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Kids' Lit CaféThe Ottawa Public Library’s 13th annual Kids’ Lit Café, an interactive and family-friendly showcase of local authors and illustrators of children and teen books, is taking place
Saturday, October 19, 2-4 p.m.
Greenboro branch, 363 Lorry Greenberg

The event is free to attend and open to the public. Workshops are also free but require online registration. For more info, visit the OPL website.

Ottawa Public Library seeks input from Ottawa residents

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FCCAimagineWhat should the Library stop doing? Continue doing? Start doing?
Imagine, the Ottawa Public Library’s ‘Online Ideas Campaign’, ends June 15. OPL is looking for input from people who live in Ottawa, who are either Library users or non-users. Hundreds of ideas have been submitted already. Vote or comment on them, or submit your own!

Share your opinion about updating Ottawa’s smoke-free by-laws

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Ottawa Public Health has developed a consultation plan to ensure residents, businesses and other community representatives have an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed expansion of the City of Ottawa’s smoke-free by-laws to include all public beaches and parks, all municipal properties and all outdoor patios and terraces.
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