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Findlay Creek residents invited to attend a public meeting for subdivision application for 3100 Leitrim Road

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3859934a326e2c87d63665dfcdf6c509_MThe City of Ottawa will host a public meeting about a local development application consistent with the Leitrim Community Design Plan.

Monday, January 20, 7-9 p.m.
Fred Barrett Arena, 2nd floor

A fully serviced urban subdivision is being considered: single detached family homes, townhouse units, a mixed use block which can be developed for a commercial, institutional and/or service uses or as a high density residential block. There are also lands reserved for a future school for the French Catholic school board and for a neighbourhood park.

Public consultation for proposed Rogers wireless communications site near Findlay Creek, at Bank & Blais

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RogersRogers Communications is inviting the public to provide comments regarding a proposed wireless communication site to be located at 4815 Bank St.

Review the proposal

Comments must be submitted by the close of business day on July 27, 2013.

New development application submitted for church near Bank and White Alder

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The City of Ottawa has received a new development application for a church at 4699 Bank,  just north of White Alder. Details are available here.

Local zoning by-law amendments

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Zoning By-Law Amendment for 4794 Bank Street
The City of Ottawa’s Planning Committee has approved a zoning by-law amendment proposal for 4794 Bank Street. The subject land is located south of Findlay Creek Drive, east of Kelly Farm Drive, and west of Bank Street in the Leitrim Community. Superior Roof Truss did occupy the eastern portion of this site, but has closed its operation. The applicant wishes to construct a residential development with a mix of housing that will permit 255 units. The amendment will be considered for approval at the next City Council meeting. Details

Zoning By-Law Amendment for 3135 Analdea Drive
The City of Ottawa’s Planning Committee has also approved a zoning by-law amendment proposal for 3135 Analdea Drive. The property is located south of Leitrim Road, on the east side of Bank Street and at the easterly limit of Analdea Drive in the Leitrim Community. The applicant requested the zoning by-law amendment to develop an urban serviced subdivision. The proposed subdivision will include 212 housing units and a park block. This application will also be considered for approval at the next City Council meeting. Details

Planning for the Leitrim Community is guided by the Community Design Plan (CDP). The CDP serves to identify the future growth in the area, including lands that are designated for future residential, commercial, and institutional development.