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Findlay Creek Community Association Statement on the online Bank Street petition.

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Findlay Creek Community Association Statement on the online Bank Street petition.
July 20th, 2017

It has come to the Findlay Creek Community Association’s attention that there is an online petition circulating regarding traffic concerns on Bank Street.

Here are some preliminary points we would like to clarify, based on concerns expressed to us by community members:

  1. This is not a petition started by, nor endorsed by the FCCA;
  2. The FCCA was not informed that such a petition was being created, nor were we asked to collaborate;
  3. That said, the City of Ottawa typically does not accept online petitions, as there can be fake accounts and multiple entries by the same person. Should the FCCA choose to start a petition, we would follow the guidelines and policies as set out by the City of Ottawa to ensure it has the largest opportunity for success.

We understand that traffic issues are of concern, and would like to reassure all residents of Findlay Creek that the FCCA has been working with our City Councillors regarding this. We are fortunate that our community straddles two wards, and therefore we have representation from two councillors, George Darouze and Michael Qaqish.

The FCCA is in frequent contact with both Councillors offices, working towards making meaningful changes in our community. Although we admit some changes are happening more slowly than we would like, we are starting to see progress.

One change that has been recently announced is the redesign and addition of new lanes at Albion Road and Leitrim Road. The FCCA has been part of advocating for an improvement, and we are looking forward to these modifications (including new turning lanes to alleviate the traffic heading to Riverside South), which will allow traffic stuck on Albion during rush hour to move along more quickly.  There will be new traffic signals as well, which should improve the flow for those FC residents who travel via Albion Road.

Secondly, the FCCA has been advocating for intersection modification at Bank/Leitrim for some time. This year we were happy to report that the City and developers in our community have come to an agreement to jump start this project, which is a precursor to the Bank Street widening project.

However, we are aware that the commute to and from our community via Bank St can be frustrating, particularly at rush hour. With the new housing developments being planned for our neighbourhood, we have serious concerns about the influx of traffic that this will cause. The FCCA has communicated our concerns to City of Ottawa officials and will continue to put pressure on Council and City officials with this regard.

Regarding the current online petition that is circulating via social media.

The FCCA is not opposed to petitions.  They have a purpose and a beneficial outcome when done in a bonafide manner.  We do believe in following the guidelines and policies as set out by the City of Ottawa to ensure it has the largest opportunity for success. This would require a detailed background, cause and effect and description of the roads and intersections affected, as well as going door-to-door, and getting ink signatures and addresses.  The City often requires that for issues such as these, those signing petitions must have direct-impact of the issue (ie: someone from B.C. or across the globe could sign an online petition).

The FCCA is certainly open to creating a petition to express the concerns regarding infrastructure in our community.

However, the FCCA Board is made up of volunteers. We are you. We are your neighbours. The FCCA Board members do not get paid, and we are short of ‘free time’ like many of you.  We are always looking for new fresh faces.  We DO have volunteers that step up “ad hoc”, either at our community events, or coming up with their own initiatives; we would help support those that want to follow proper channels in making change in the community; we appreciate the interest and eagerness of the person who began this petition.

To provide background, the FCCA was formed in 2005, and we have excellent, established relationships with our elected representatives, at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.  Our mission is to be an advocate for residents on significant issues that affect the quality of life in Findlay Creek.  We are here for you, and we want you to join us; the larger we are, the louder our voice.

Thank you once again to those that contacted the FCCA to express concern and ask questions.  We are very invested in improving traffic conditions and commutes for everyone!

Please feel free to contact us via any of the below methods.  Also, a reminder to please feel free to join as a volunteer; no time commitment is too small!

- https://www.facebook.com/FindlayCreek/
- president@findlaycreek.org
- transportation@findlaycreek.org

New 4 way stop coming to Kelly Farm/White Alder

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kellyfarmwhite alder

You spoke, the FCCA advocated, and the City of Ottawa listened!

We are proud to announce that the intersection of White Alder and Kelly Farm will become a 4-way stop!

This change is slated to come at the end of August, making this intersection much safer for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians! Thank you to everyone for your patience and for contacting the FCCA to express your concerns about safety in the community!

City proposes improvements to Trillium Line extension south

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lrtCity proposes improvements to Trillium Line extension south

July 5, 2017 – Mayor Jim Watson announced today a new alignment for the O-Train Trillium Line extension as

part of the Stage 2 Light Rail Transit project.

The new alignment would move Bowesville Station to the edge of the urban boundary just southeast of the

Bowesville and Earl Armstrong intersection, bringing rail almost a full kilometre closer to the Riverside South

community. The new alignment also takes advantage of an existing City-owned rail corridor, ultimately reducing

the environmental impact on sensitive green spaces, in addition to reducing potential land costs and simplifying


This new Earl Armstrong/Bowesville station and alignment also facilitates a potential future extension to

Limebank Road to better integrate with the community of Riverside South as it grows. This potential future

extension to Limebank requires an amendment to the existing Environmental Assessment for the Trillium Line,

as well as a targeted update to the Community Design Plan for Riverside South. City staff will be completing

these updates over the summer.

The Trillium Line extension is one of the three extensions in Ottawa’s Stage 2 project package. In the South, the

Trillium Line will be expanded to reach Bowesville Station with a link to the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier Airport by

2021. In the East, the Confederation Line will extend to Trim Road by 2022. In the West, rail will reach

Algonquin College and Moodie Drive by 2023.

Once complete, Stage 2 will bring 70 per cent of Ottawa residents within five kilometers of fast, efficient, clean

and reliable rail with the capability of carrying an estimated 24,000 riders per hour per direction during peak

periods. The complete O-Train system will span 60 kilometres and include 41 stations.


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FCCA-WindsurfSize-CFD GenericThe FCCA is hosting its annual COMMUNITY FUN DAY! AUG 7TH 11am-2pm

There will be a BBQ, petting zoo, inflable bouncers, treats, batting cage, face painting, horse wagon rides, music and LOTS MORE FUN!

Come out and have a great time, meet your neighbours and enjoy our beautiful community!

Everyone is WELCOME!
FREE for FCCA members – fees apply to non-members

FCCA members (when they sign up or renew) will recieve their membership packages for the 2017/2018 year with braclets for the whole household entiting them to unlimited access to the activities and a choice of a Hamburger or Hot Dog and Beverage at the BBQ!

Additional hot dogs and hamburgers will be available for purchase at $2 for a Hotdog/Drink and $4 for a hamburger/drink

Activities tickets will be sold in sheets of $5 for 5 tickets – each ticket valid for 1 activity. (note- activity tickets will only be sold until 1:15pm)

To get your membership, your wrist bands, and enter to win our GREAT PRIZE PACKAGE (must pick up before Aug 3rd) See www.findlaycreek.ca/membership!

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