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What We Do

Established in 2005, the FCCA is proud to be very active and involved in the community. We are well known to homeowners, our elected representatives and the builders.

The association is made up of Findlay Creek residents who volunteer their time and work together to build a better community. The association was started when the community only consisted of a few hundred homes. There are now over 1,000 homes in Findlay Creek and growing and the community needs us more than ever. To be on top of issues that affect residents, to bring a sense of belonging and inclusivity to all and to nurture positive neighbourly attitudes for everyone’s safety and security, so we can all call this home.

Each Board member acts as a liaison to internal and external organizations that impact the community. We work closely with the following:

South Nation Conservation Authority
Tartan Homes, Tamarack Homes and Taggart, the area developers
City of Ottawa (traffic, by-law services, roads, transportation, planners, Ottawa Police Service, ward councillor)
School Board trustee Mark Fisher

The association coordinates seasonal activities throughout the year to build relationships among residents and nurture community awareness and involvement. Over the years, these activities have included:

• Cleaning the Capital
• Annual community garage sale
• Breakfast with Santa
• Summer BBQ
• Winter carnival
• Night at the races
• Movie night in the park
• Nature walks

The association holds a town hall/open house meeting once or twice a year during which local representatives make short presentations and answer questions from residents. Presenters may include the ward councillor, representatives from the builders, city services and/or the school boards.

The association also holds an annual general meeting to which all residents are invited. The association will recap the happenings during the last year and get updates about what is upcoming. Board members are elected at this meeting.

The association sells annual household memberships for $25. The funds raised help pay for the events and host the website.

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