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Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Findlay Creek Community Association (FCCA) is to be an advocate for residents on significant issues that affect the quality of life in Findlay Creek Village. Further, the FCCA will foster relationships within and outside the community that allow all residents to have a say in matters that affect them and their families.

Statement of Objectives

The objectives of the Findlay Creek Community Association are to:

• Unite homeowners and work towards achieving common goals;
• Provide a forum for community action within our community;
• Promote a safe and healthy environment for children and for all residents;
• Inform all members of events, activities and news that may impact our community;
• Work with developers and local government to ensure responsible growth of the community;
• Present and sponsor social, cultural and other events for the enrichment of our community;
• Advocate fairness in taxation of property.

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