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MeaganMeagan Côté (Lydan)

I moved into the neighbourhood in late 2013 and joined the FCCA Board in Summer 2014. When looking for our first home, my husband and I knew immediately that we wanted to live in Findlay Creek. We loved the family-oriented and close-knit nature of the area. During my (recently completed) studies, I looked forward to putting roots down, joining  a community and immersing myself in it. I have an M.A in public policy and am ready to put it to work! I look forward to working with the association and area residents to continue growing to grow the character of Findlay Creek and share in the progress and achievements of this community.


Sarah Marsaw
Roads & Transportation

I moved to Findlay Creek in 2013 and became a member of the FCCA Board in 2016. I decided to volunteer my time to the community because I believe that change and improvements can only be made when we have many helping hands working together. I appreciated the work the FCCA had done in my three years living here, and wanted to support them. I also want to ensure the voices of all residents of Findlay Creek (as defined within the area boundaries of the FCCA) are heard and represented. I’ve enjoyed meeting neighbours who have become friends, and helping create fun events for our community to enjoy.

Linda Gallant-West

While I only moved to Findlay Creek in May of 2013, I have spent quite a bit of time here over the last six years visiting my daughter and son-in-law. I liked the neighbourhood and found the people who live here to be very welcoming. I am retired (after 32 years in the Public Service) and have time to contribute to organizations that matter to me. As I had already volunteered at a number of FCCA events, even before moving to the community, it seemed only natural to seek out an opportunity to contribute to the community. I look forward to working with other Board members and the greater Findlay Creek community. I joined the FCCA Board in June 2013.

CarolineCaroline Gallant

I held the role of co-president from 2011-2014 and for most of that time, I was also the liaison between the FCCA and the developers. I continue to serve on the board in the latter role and as Vice-President. 

Rilene Dieudonne
Events Coordinator


Bio is forthcoming 


Randy Brown

I moved to Findlay Creek with my wife, Gina, in September 2011.  We were looking for a place that was between Orleans and Barrhaven in order that we could be close to both our families, and Findlay Creek fit the bill.  How nice to live in an area of the city where we rarely find ourselves on the Queensway!  We attended our first FCCA AGM a month after moving in and after a few years of saying “I should volunteer” I finally made it official Spring 2015.  Gina and I enjoy meeting our Findlay Creek neighbors and working with the Board and residents of “The Creek” to help build a strong sense of community.

Membership Coordinator

 Bio is forthcoming

DSC_2951 (2)Gina Brown


I “accidentally” joined the FCCA Board when my husband Randy took on the role as membership coordinator.  I couldn’t help myself, I just had to help him out!  We have both since stepped down from that role and have taken on other responsibilities with the group.  We enjoy being involved in the community (The Creek we like to call it!) and meeting and working with some great people.  Try it, you’ll like it! 

Steve Robertson
School Liaison


Bio forthcoming


Zaynab Al-Hemed
Youth  and Volunteer Coordinator


I joined the FCCA Board in August 2014. Prior to this, I had lived in Findlay Creek for about a year with my family. When we first moved here, I had immediately felt a sense of belonging; whether it was just going to the park with a few friends, or volunteering at the annual Fun Day, I have personally always felt a part of the Findlay Creek family. That is why I have decided to give back to my community by joining the FCCA Board. Being a youth myself I feel very motivated and excited to be working towards a better future for each and every youth residing within Findlay Creek. I hope my ongoing efforts will allow for many more youth to become positively engaged within our community.

Mary Ann Caren
Business Relations and Sponsorship Coordinator

 Bio Forthcoming


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