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Letter of Support for the TMP Recommended plan for the extension of the O-Train to Leitrim and Bowesville
The FCCA sent this letter to Councillor Deans, Chair of the Transit Commission, in support of the extension of the O-Train to Leitrim and Bowesville. 2013 TMP O-Train Letter to Deans
Letter of Support for the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund
The FCCA sent this letter to the South Nation Conservation in support of their project application to the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund for stream stabilization on Shield’s Creek. FCCALetter-SNC-GreatLakesGuardCommFund
Letter of Support for the Urban Water Actions Project
The FCCA sent this letter to the South Nation Conservation in support of their Urban Water Action project application for the RBC Blue Water Project Leadership Grant.
English public elementary school advocacy letter
The FCCA sent this letter to Dr. Jennifer Adams, Director of Education, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board showing support for the plans and timeline of the English public elementary school that is to be built in Findlay Creek in the spring of 2014.
Ottawa River Action Plan advocacy letter
The FCCA sent this letter to MP Mauril Belanger showing support for the Ottawa River Action Plan. Letter-OttRivActPlan.jpg

May 2011

Mailout to support school board trustee’s online petition to re-inforce the need for a community school.

The FCCA needs your help to keep the pressure on the government to build our public school.

Ottawa Carleton District School Board trustee Mark Fisher indicated that about 200 kids are slated to attend the new Findlay Creek public elementary school proposed to open in fall 2014.

We believe this number to be understated but need your help to provide a more accurate number of potential students to Mr. Fisher.

Please help us in the following two ways:

E-mail ADDRESS with this info:

  • Your child’s first name and first initial of last name
  • The age of each of your children and the school they currently attend, if applicable
  • Your school board of choice

Note: This information is required to make sure there is no duplication. Since we are projecting this data, please include the information for children ages 1-15.

Sign-up an online petition:

  • Visit www.thepetitionsite.com/1/findlay-creek-elementary-school to take part
  • Sign it even if you won’t have any children attending the new school. The space will also serve as a local meeting place for all sorts of activities outside of school. Having a school in the neighbourhood will have a positive effect on property value.

Please help us by May 27, 2011 to provide this valuable information to the Ministry of Education before the Summer break and Fall election.


May 15, 2008

Letter to Ministry of Environment

The following letter was forwarded to the Ministry of the Environment in response to an amendment requested by Hope Cemetery.

The proposal states:
“This proposal is for an amendment to existing Certificate of Approval (Air & Noice) #8-4015-88-006, to include an incinerator for the cremation of human remains. The works will emit products of contaminants into the atmosphere such as volatile organic compounds and particulates due to the incineration of human bodies and caskets. The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Ottawa provides cremation and burial services.”

Our response:
I am submitting the following comments on behalf of the Findlay Creek Community Association. Findlay Creek Village is a growing development South of Hope Cemetery.

The Findlay Creek Community Association is contacting you in reference to the crematorium located within the Hope Cemetery and related meetings we recently attended with all interested parties. In the interest of the future members of our community, the new families that will come to call Findlay Creek home and will ask us about what we did on the matter, we would like to express the Boards view on the subject.

We all understand how we have arrived at the current position and we recognize that there are significant issues on all sides. The bottom line for us, however, is that our residents have seen thick black smoke that falls close to the ground, given the nature of the activities related to that smoke, a number of our members have contacted us to express their concerns. While we are aware of the issues around the maintenance of the smoke stack we recognize a strong desire to work with the community to resolve the issue. Given the possibility for negative publicity around the topic we encourage each one of you to take steps that will keep residence’s concerns minimized. We would, however, applaud a move where by the entire building could be relocated to a new location within the cemetery property so that new residences will not find themselves living within steps of a crematorium and it’s daily activities; ie:
the moving of large boxes that look like coffins.

It is our understanding that this EBR for “Approval to discharge into the natural environment, other than water” is in relation to maintenance on the existing building. It is also our understanding that this amendment, to one of their original certificates of 1987 or 1995, would fall under the MOE standards of today.

Again, thank you very much for keeping the FCCA involved and informed. We look forward to working with each of you more to bring the issue to a resolution that we can all live with.

Christine Murfin
President, FCCA

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