AGM Reports

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Please find this years Annual Report, Agenda and 2016 AGM Minutes here in anticipation of the FCCA Annual General Meeting on Wednesday at 7pm, Fred Barrett Arena – All FCCA Members Welcome.

Also the following questions were forwarded to Melissa Cote (Tartan Development) and Councillors Qaqish and Darouze. They will have an opportunity to address each question in a short presentation / opening remarks and then attendees will be able to ask follow up questions/
Questions from Findlay Creek
1) What steps are taking place on the widening of Bank St. from Leitrim, past Findlay Creek Drive, to accommodate the new housing developments off Bank Street, past Findlay Creek Drive etc?
2) What steps are being taken to handle the additional traffic, the expansion of the Casino on Albion Road will generate?
3) Given that Findlay Creek Drive joins Bank and Albion, what steps are being taken to handle the additional traffic and speeding past the school and the two parks on Findlay Creek Drive?
4) After the near overflow of Findlay Creek itself, is there a schedule/program in place or being developed to check and clear any blockages in the creek’s drainage system? I understand there were three blockages discovered November 1.
5) I am hoping to find out what initiatives are being pursued to address the long-term parking on our residential streets. I live on White Alder Avenue, and have had the same vehicles parked across from my driveway day after day. There is also a yellow slow-down divide in front of my house. Having cars parked there makes it difficult and sometimes dangerous to get into and out of my driveway.
6) When should Findlay Creek expect to receive express bus service downtown? In other words, when will the #93 take passengers from Findlay Creek directly downtown – or directly to the new light rail service (at Hurdman) slated to be in operation in 2018 (without having to get off at South Keys)?
7) When can Findlay Creek expect to get a fenced in area for dogs in our community. This community has lots of dogs and kids – both of which need to run and play.
8) When will the extension of Kelly Farm to Leitrim be started and what can be done to ensure that construction traffic does not use this entrance? And what can be done to ensure that construction traffic uses other access points to the construction area. This has been a serious problem at the other end of Kelly Farm and was never adequately addressed.
9) Why are there two different speed limits within our community. Streets on the west of of the community have a speed limit of 40 kms – whereas in the older section the speed limit is 50 kms. We would like it to b 40 kms throughout our neighbourhood – especially now with children walking and biking to school.
10) What is the status of the proposed park and fly application that was submitted for the corner or Leitrim/Albion?
11) Is it possible to get a permanent Bookmobile, or Library Kiosk in Findlay Creek to serve our communities reading and learning needs.